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FAQs-Save DB

What will happen to the brands under AB Company after that takeover?

There is still no concrete news about this. But worst case scenario is that they are going to be changed depending on what tastes best to the new management. They feel the need to improve it so that it would appeal more to the international market. It is possible that the beers and the drinks that we once loved won’t be present anymore.

What will happen to the workers under AB Company? I’ve heard that they have over 30,000 workers in their breweries. Are they going to be displaced?

There is an uncertainty to this. This may be dependent on the new plans of the new management if ever the takeover won’t be prevented. But as of now our workers are already feeling threatened by the uncertainty. We all know that this is the source of livelihood for many. They also have families to feed and it would cause them problems in case they are going to be displaced after the foreign take over of AB Company.

How can we help?

There are many ways for you to help. You can raise awareness among the people through the various social media sites. You can tell them what’s happening and the issue of the takeover of AB Company. This may be able to elicit an action from them. They may be able to help us in our fight against this foreign takeover.

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