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I can’t believe that there are foreigners who are looking forward to the takeover of AB company. AB Company is an American original. This should remain as ours. We already lived with it for several decades, why are we going to let go of it now. The drinks they have should also be enjoyed by our kids and the kids after them. This is among the legacy that we can give to them.


@Morgan, Yes indeed. It was unfortunate to hear about this takeover. Until now I still cannot believe that AB Company is being threatened. We have enjoyed this for several years already. Why should we stop now just because we are being threatened by foreigners? And since when have we started letting them threaten us. AB Company is ours. It should remain that way not only now but in the future. If these foreigners learned how easy it is to threaten us, then they would do this again and again. What would happen to us if that takes place?


I agree with you @Marsha. This is why I am helping the people behind this website by providing awareness. I have already written several blog posts on this so that people would know this threat to us. They would be aware that this is actually happening and this is not a joke because this threatens not only the drinks we enjoyed almost all of our lives but also the workers working in it. Who knows what would happen to them? This takeover is very uncertain. They do not promise the workers anything. Like always, they would just be set aside as the new management comes in if ever.

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